Solution Areas

Delivering solutions at RedHouse Technology has never involved simply providing technology resources for our clients. Since our beginnings in 2003, our model of client empowerment has been a multifaceted one, combining technical representation, client education, project re-organization, skills assessment, clearly defined communications and governance definition. Each of these strategies works in tandem to serve our broader goal of empowering small and mid-sized clients.

Both industry trends and RedHouse Technology's strategies clearly define our work in the areas of solutions outsourcing, technology development and organizational change. Since many areas of our work cut across both the organizational structure and solutions teams, our focus is not on specific functions of technology organizations such as Quality Assurance, Enterprise Information Portals, or application maintenance. 


  • Align Corporate and Operational Strategies with Coporate Information Strategy and Management
  • Convert IT Strategic Vision to Operational, Budgeting, and Staffing Plans


  • Technology Enabled Marketing Initiatives
  • Enterprise Systems Development
  • Event Driven Decision Support and  Reporting
  • Infrastructure  Optimziation and Integration
  • Operational Best Practices

Human Capital Management

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Technology Executive Recruitment
  • Outsourced Development


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