Outsourcing Technology Initiatives

RedHouse Technology offers focused solutions to support specific needs within Client organizations. Experience and a Client oriented perspective guide our teams during the integration efforts.

We would be pleased to discuss your needs at length, either on an introductory basis or as the start of an ongoing relationship. Call or email to discuss how we can help with your project. We look forward to adding value to your company. Our experience has shown that solutions often fall into the following categories.

Solution Augmentation Team (SAT)

Using our SAT approach will maintain critical business and systems knowledge within your organization while leveraging the variable resources available through RedHouse Technology. We can consult on your custom software project, reviewing your designs, developing code, performing quality testing, and providing project management. Our team has extensive experience providing custom programming and project delivery solutions for high transaction business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.

Outsourced Development

Hand off your project proposal to RedHouse Technology to free up internal resources for other initiatives or to introduce new technologies. We will work with you to define a step by step plan, raising issues and providing solutions with your in-house team or existing contractors. We will ensure the solution is delivered.

System Maintenance and Transition

Looking for a way to reduce support costs on legacy systems while you update technology. RedHouse Technology consultants have experience working with mainframe and client server applications and can assist you with the transition of those systems to the Internet as well as maintaining limited use system within your organization. Talk to us today to create a comprehensive transition plan for your legacy architecture and systems.

Proven predictable solutions, RedHouse Technology's, approach to project work introduces the appropriate levels of project management and administration, keeping your cost to a minimum and the timeframe on schedule. Our delivery teams integrate global solutions to solve your problems.


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