About RedHouse Technology

RedHouse Technology, provides application outsourcing and consulting solutions targeted to the needs of the small and mid-sized business community. Founded in 2003, RedHouse Technology consultants and partners strive to support and empower the emerging small business market through a three-pronged strategy of (1) educating client organizations, (2) providing reasonable services, and (3) solutions which can have a strategic impact.

RedHouse Technology solutions teams have the skills and broad industry experience to meet your toughest challenges and complete your projects on schedule. What we do is focus on the systems so that you can focus on your business. RedHouse Technology solutions provide the appropriate mix of technology products, services and solutions to allow Clients to benefit by:

Leveraging staff and technology dedicated to the task

  • Decreasing time to market
  • Appling best practices approaches to solutions
  • Reducing errors and improving customer service

2003 - 2009 RedHouse Technology, 404 Donofrio Drive, Downingtown, PA 19335
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