Project Office

RedHouse Technology has observed that companies that employ a Project Based Organizational model, enjoy many benefits and advantages including the ability to maintain control in a complex business environment. Having a structured approach requires specific processes for project managers to follow, and a standardized toolkit to support them. A central Project Office provides such a structure, with resources available to support the individual project teams, as well as the manage and report on the overall project portfolio.

Implementing a Project Office creates an environment and infrastructure through which project, program and portfolio management is facilitated and controlled. Assessing the level of project activity and the maturity of the project management capabilities within your organization will determine the approach taken to create a Project Office to support your organization.

Introducing the Correct Solution

RedHouse Technology provides a range of services that include project office design, project office implementation, and project office health checks. These are complimentary services but have been designed to apply either stand-alone or as a series of consultancy services. This ensures that our clients are provided with the solution that suits their individual requirements. RedHouse Technology has identified 3 levels of Project Office that can be developed with client organizations:

  • Project Office which manages and runs the day to day administration of projects, facilitates governance and control activities
  • Program Office which manages and controls portfolios of projects within a business unit. Operates like the project office but views operations from a consolidated summary level
  • Enterprise Program Office which focuses on operations that are in the strategic vision, giving transparency at CEO level.

All engagements incorporate aspects of the following:

  • Tools and Process Management
  • Project Reporting & Analysis
  • Project Administration
  • Data and Document Management

Depending on the environment to be supported, additional supplementary services can be added to suit individual requirements. The supplementary services may include:

  • Risk & Issue Management
  • Quality Management
  • Project Finance
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Dependency Management
  • Project Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Project Procurement

Project Office Health Checks

Project Office Health Checks have been developed by RedHouse Technology to provide an objective assessment of the level and suitability of services provided by an established Project Office. To perform a comprehensive assessment, our consultant will perform a combination of documentation reviews, process observation and structured interviews with project sponsors, project managers and Project Office personnel. The detailed report will focus on areas of strength that should be continued and enhanced, recommendations on areas that require development, and new services to be introduced.

In addition to these recommendations, a customized implementation plan will be provided, outlining our suggested approach for achieving the desired level of Project Office service.

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